Each week brings us wonderful Virtual Reality & 360° Video experiences from brands all across the globe.

It is exciting for SenseVirtual to continually engage with local brands and companies that want to embrace this new medium.

Below are two of our favourite 360° Video Virtual Reality experiences from the past week.

It seemed like everyone got hooked on the tv series Stranger Things and a 360° Video experience was created for YouTube as well as a completely immersive Virtual Reality experience.

Click images below to view these experiences.

President Obama presented a VR journey in Yosemite National Park.

If you do not have a Gear VR to experience this incredible 360° you can view the teaser below on FB.

Do not hesitate to connect with us for a Virtual Reality demo or 360° video chat.

Together we are all moving this new medium forward in Africa where it can not only create a results driven impact for brands but also in the are of education, architecture and training.


Tyrone Rubin – tyrone@sensevirtual.com