I saw a tweet by Melody McCloskey (CEO of StyleSeat) about a Virtual Reality Activation she attended.

Melody referring to people waiting hours in line to view a Virtual Reality activation is testament to how now is the perfect time for South African brands to experiment with Virtual Reality and 360° Video Activations.

The one word that comes to mind for any VR & 360° Video Activation we have been a part of is queue.

There is something wonderful about having lines of people at an event, store, shopping centre waiting in anticipation to experience a mesmerizing immersive VR or 360° Video experience.
The other wonderful aspect of VR & 360° Video is attention.
When you immerse your audience in VR & 360° Video with an Activation or even a 360° Video on Youtube & Facebook you have their complete undivided attention.

For all South African companies and brands that want to offer their clients, customers or potential customers an incredible experiences now is the right time to use this technology.

Reach out if you want to learn more about VR & 360° Video and remember to email me to book your place at our 360° Video Virtual Reality One Day Workshop with AFDA happening on the 10th of September in JHB.


Tyrone Rubin – tyrone@sensevirtual.com