SenseVirtual is proud to announce an exciting new company division called
EventsVirtual –

Last year we set up numerous Virtual Reality and 360° Video experiences at functions and events.

It proved to be so popular, that we decided to create a separate division of SenseVirtual that focuses purely on bringing Virtual Reality & 360° Video experiences to events and functions.

We also offer the creation of custom-made Virtual Reality & 360° Video experiences unique to the specific event or function, as well as capturing these events in 360° Video.

At every function and event where we displayed and showcased Virtual Reality, it was the most crowd-pleasing and sought after experience.

We look forward to creating Virtual Reality experiences at your next event through EventsVirtual.

Feel free to contact us to see how we can deliver the best Virtual Reality experience for your company.


Tyrone Rubin –
Founder – CEO