We are excited to see Virtual Reality continually being used in the field of Education.

This week Washington Leadership Academy received R150 million to create Virtual Reality Educational experiences. Students enter the lab, strap on a virtual reality headset and enter a fully immersive and scientifically accurate virtual reality chemistry lab. They will see their lab partner, and the two will discuss what they will do in the experiment, just as students would do in a traditional lab.

“During that time, no child will be burned, no child will have a chemical spill, and it will cost the school a fraction of what building a lab would require.” said Andrew. “In virtual experiments, we can use chemicals like sulfuric acid or mercury or lead that we can’t use with 10th-grade students in actual reality.”

Even in the best high school chemistry labs in the country, said Andrew, you can’t see inside the atoms that make up the chemical reactions. “In virtual reality we can go all the way into the sodium chloride or the H2O to see the molecular structure. We can drill down into the valence of each individual atom to see how the electrons are spinning in a way you can’t in a regular laboratory.”

At SenseVirtual we continue to explore areas that Virtual Reality can impact Africa.

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