Pearl, a 360° animated short film produced by Google is the first Virtual Reality short to be nominated for an Academy Award.

GE continues to strengthen their brand by creating highly engaging and educational Virtual Reality experiences. Last year our SenseVirtual team created a VR piece for GE, an exploration of the human body. GE continues to astonish in both the creation of VR and 360° video experiences. Take a look at a more recent GE 360º video produced by Chris Milk’s studio “Here Be Dragons”.

Virtual Reality is proving to be a powerful tool for selling Travel & Tourist Destinations. The Marriott group was instrumental in adopting VR with their “Get Teleported” campaign which introduced VR into the world of tourism offering travel junkies a 3-minute virtual travel experience, a taste of the real.

With the same thinking in mind our events offer that which we love, travel, giving you the chance to “journey” across the globe. We have found no medium better suited to the Travel & Tourism industry than Virtual Reality.

We are extremely excited to engage with YOU, those who share our passion for Virtual Reality and 360º Video at Africa Travel Week this April.

Watch out for next mailer, where we are excited to be debuting Africa’s first high-end Educational Virtual Reality experience. Step into our classroom to explore the powerful retentive and interactive nature of VR in the world of Education and Training.

If you want a Virtual Reality experience at your next event take a look at our newly formed
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We look forward to bringing you the best Virtual Reality experience!

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Tyrone Rubin
Founder of SenseVirtual