Omo Unilever Virtual Reality Experience


SenseVirtual created an experience for Unilver & OMO that takes a user inside the washing machine. SenseVirtual worked with Liquorice Digital Agency to craft an instore high-end Virtual Reality experience that educates users about the qualities of the new OMO Washing Liquid. This activation was taken to stores throughout Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town. It [...]

The Foschini Group Induction Augmented Reality System


TFG AR Gamified Induction Experience The TFG AR app is designed to guide new TFG employees around their new workplace. The app uses trigger based Augmented Reality. The triggers are placed around the building, each of which will have information about the room it is in. The core idea of the app is to teach the [...]

Adidas Orlando Pirates Virtual Reality Experience


SenseVirtual created a day in the life of immersive 360° Virtual Reality Video experience for Adidas and the Orlando Pirates. Skills Needed for this Virtual Reality Experience Virtual Reality Activation Virtual Reality 360 Degree Video Virtual Reality Stitching Virtual Reality Compositing Virtual Reality Application Virtual [...]

Electrolux Virtual Reality Experience


SenseVirtual along with Spark digital agency rolled out a large Electrolux Virtual Reality Google Cardboard campaign to selected Electrolux stores in Europe. Participants were given free branded Google Cardboards if they downloaded the Virtual Reality app on their phone. Once downloaded the users were taken on an exhilarating journey through a fantasy [...]

Capitec Augmented Reality SenseVirtual Solution


Capitec Augmented Reality SenseVirtual Solution In the field of Augmented Reality, we built an app that allows users to locate the closest Capitec ATM or bank from anywhere they are in the country. Here we explored the power of AR navigation. Once a client is in a physical branch they can continue their [...]

Capfin Virtual Reality Activation


SenseVirtual worked with Urban Nation to create a Virtual Reality activation for Capfin that took participants to various exciting global destinations. It tied in with the Capfin "We Do Journey" Competition. Skills Needed for this Virtual Reality Experience Virtual Reality Activation Virtual Reality Games Virtual Reality Event Virtual [...]

Universal Healthcare Virtual Reality Experience


SenseVirtual teamed up with Hero Films to create a highly engaging Virtual Reality experience for Universal Health Care. Skills Needed for this Virtual Reality Experience Virtual Reality Activation Virtual Reality Game Virtual Reality Event Virtual Reality Experience Virtual Reality Computer Graphics Virtual Reality Animation Virtual Reality Application

The Click Foundation Maths AR Experience


Augmented Reality Maths Learning Experience Learning Section The learning side of the app will focus on teaching basic Mathematics to the students using simple games in Augmented Reality. It will include some Mathematics questions as well some visuals to keep the app interesting for the learner. Testing Section The testing side of the [...]

Distell Virtual Reality Activation


SenseVirtual along with Liquorice digital agency created a Scottish Leader activation for Distell. The activation gave participants the experience of creating artworks in Virtual Reality. To tie the experience in with the brand's vision the participants were encouraged to create Artworks in Virtual Reality that were inspired by the new Scottish Leader logo. The artworks [...]