Good Day

In December, SenseVirtual went on a tour to take a look at the New York and San Fransisco Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality scene.

The experience was incredible and SenseVirtual connected with some of the top people in the VR & AR industries and created relationships with a focus on bringing VR & AR work to South African talent.

SenseVirtual attended the VRX Conference & Expo in San Francisco where the speakers & participants read like a who’s who of the global VR & AR industry. The event had the very best VR & AR talent from companies such as Google, HP, HTC, Facebook, Qualcomm, Bose, The Void, Audi, Lowe’s, Unity, GE, Siemens, Microsoft, Nestle & Paramount Studios.

Some of the main takeaways from the conference that resonated with us were:

– All majour companies in the US acknowledge that VR & AR will drastically affect education and training in a truly huge and disruptive way in the years to come.
– Most US companies have departments focused on VR & AR development. These focuses span from internal training to using VR & AR as a great driver for customer engagement and sales.
– VR & AR will continue to permeate the enterprise.
– Many people feel the Oculus Quest will be a milestone VR device.

It was great to see that Virtual Reality is the main focus at New York’s flagship Samsung store.

At Moma (Museum of Modern Art), there is a beautiful Virtual Reality exhibition that proved to be extremely popular.

In Brooklyn, we visited RLab which is the First-City Funded VR/AR Center in the US. This incredible center will fuel innovation, entrepreneurship, and education, while creating 750 good-paying jobs. We absolutely need a VR and AR hub in South Africa to drive forward innovation.

At SenseVirtual we look forward to continuing to deliver great Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences and solutions for our existing clients and meeting new ones in 2019.

from the SenseVirtual Team