We at SenseVirtual want to thank all the incredible South African brands that have embraced the exciting & immersive new medium of Virtual Reality & 360° Video.

When we started our journey of bringing Virtual Reality & 360° Video experiences to South African companies a few years ago it was very new to many brands and companies.

This year everything has changed. South African brands are completely embracing Virtual Reality & 360° Video by creating truly engaging pieces of content and mind blowing experiences for their customers.

We continue to see every high end corporate event have the need for a Virtual Reality booth to provide truly immersive entertainment for guests. 360° Virtual Reality Product Tours are becoming a much needed experience for many companies.

It is exciting to come up with innovative ways brands can use this technology to truly capture the attention of their audience.

Once again thank you to all the forward thinking companies and brands in South Africa that have reached out to us for a conversation about how to use this medium in new and exciting ways.


Tyrone Rubin – tyrone@sensevirtual.com
Founder – CEO