At SenseVirtual it has been incredible to lead Virtual Reality forward in Africa.

This year a majour focus for us has been to use Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology as a training and educational tool. We have seen incredible results from mines, engineering companies, training institutions as they continue to explore Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions.

As we continue to engage with leading companies we also want to explore our passion for creating powerful educational experiences for kids.

We are proud of our first VR experience in this world. Below are images from our Virtual Reality Lemonade Stand experience that allows kids to be immersed in VR as they create a Lemonade Stand and learn about economics and mathematics.

There are two words that come to mind that put Virtual Reality ahead of any other medium in the world of training and education and those are; Immersion and Interactivity. Transporting someone into another world and allowing them to interact in that world of infinite possibilities creates the highest level of retention possible.

We look forward to continuing to engage with companies in Africa that want to explore the power of VR and AR.

Founder of SenseVirtual