Good Day

September was an exciting month for SenseVirtual as we had some of our Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality team explore the potential of Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality in the banking and finance sector.

We continued to see international banks and financial institutes make use of VR & AR and wanted to explore it’s impact within this sector here in South Africa. SenseVirtual teamed up with Capitec and developed some wonderful VR & AR prototypes to test out in the market.

In the field of Augmented Reality, we built an app that allows users to locate the closest Capitec ATM or bank from anywhere they are in the country. Here we explored the power of AR navigation.

Once a client is in a physical branch they can continue their AR experience by navigating through a menu that gives details on all the branches offerings in a futuristic, immersive and interactive manner. They are also able to scan posters and pamphlets within the branch to produce spectacular interactive AR animation on their mobile devices.

We also created an indoor mapping system that gives clients a real-time map of the bank and guides them to whichever service area they are requiring.

In the field of Virtual Reality, we created an entertaining immersive experience where users put on a headset and enjoy an animated world where they are guided through various Capitec product offerings.

We look forward to exploring ways Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality can impact your business.

from the SenseVirtual Team