Virtual Reality & 360° Video Constant Excitement

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Virtual Reality & 360° Video Constant Excitement


We at SenseVirtual love seeing all the groundbreaking work that is coming out of the Virtual Reality & 360° Video world.

This week the newly released HTC Vive Virtual Reality headset was the top winner at the 10th annual T3 Awards show, taking home the distinguished Gadget of the Year award. It was also the only product to go home with multiple gongs: the viewer added Gaming Product of the Year and Innovation of the Year to its accolades.

We love pushing the boundaries of the HTC Vive on a daily basis to create mind blowing Virtual Reality experiences.

Enterprises have been among the most enthusiastic adopters of VR.
Automakers like Audi, Ford, BMW and Daimler already use VR to drive car sales or as part of their design processes.
Architectural firms have adopted VR to allow architects, designers and their clients to take virtual walks through their buildings.

Superstar actress Nicole Kidman stars in an outstanding 360° Virtual Reality Video for Etihad Airways where you can experience first-hand, and like never before, how it feels to travel from New York to Abu Dhabi on board Etihad’s renowned A380.

Click image below to view the 360° Video on Youtube.

When viewing one of these 360° Virtual Reality videos with a deice such as the Samsung Gear VR the experience is completely immersive. We use these devices for activations to completely immerse a customer in a 360° Virtual Reality branded piece.

Looking forward to more Brands and Companies in Africa trying out Virtual Reality & 360° Video to create enthralling customer experiences.


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