Hi All

This is a reminder to anyone wants to come on the one day Virtual Reality 360 Video Course that SenseVirtual & AFDA are hosting.

This is the introduction to Virtual Reality 360 Video. Participants will be shown best examples out there and given guidance as to how to write for VR 360 video, use VR cameras, setup relevant gear and be taken through the necessary crew and equipment to have on set. Further practical guidance will be provided for VR 360 video production planning and how to stitch and edit 360 video footage.

Date: Saturday 16 July 9am – 6pm.

Venue: AFDA Cape Town Campus

Cost: R950 required upfront to secure your position

This course requires a minimum of 15 participants for it to run and has a limit of 20.

AFDA reserves the right to change the content or if circumstances require, to withdraw/postpone the course if needed. Where possible, AFDA will endeavour to notify the appropriate parties when changes have taken or will take place.

Bookings via Marketingcpt@afda.co.za to include: Full name, Date of Birth, Cell number, Email address, City & Country of Residence, Position/Title, Company name, Company number, Company email address, Company location, Motivation. Further information may be requested to secure your booking.