This month SenseVirtual has numerous Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality projects being released to the public. We will keep announcing these public VR and AR experience as they are made available to the public.

Other than AR & VR Marketing experiences we have also been creating educational and training experiences and are excited by a recent report conducted at the University of Maryland on the power of Virtual Reality in education and training.

The report concluded that Virtual Reality training is more effective in recall accuracy than any other training medium we know of. Virtual Reality has a median recall accuracy of 90.48 percent. The study validated the efficacy of Virtual Reality training as a learning tool over all other traditional methods.

An extract from the study states “ Virtual reality, affords the user a superior spatial awareness by leveraging our vestibular and proprioceptive senses, as compared to traditional desktop displays.”

Another key point the study stresses is how much safer VR is for training users on high-end machinery.

We look forward to continuing to use VR and AR to train and educate people here in Africa.

Please do let us know if your company wants to explore the power of VR and AR.

Founder of SenseVirtual