At SenseVirtual we try our best to discuss and give results on all the local Virtual Reality solutions and experiences we are busy with but this week we decided to focus on two of our favourite international Virtual Reality solutions.

Volkswagen revealed a brand new Virtual Reality application designed to allow Volkswagen team members from all branches to collaborate with one another in virtual reality. The streamlined experience will combine all of the companies past immersive Virtual Reality Ventures, along with an interconnected workstation allowing Volkswagen Group’s brands such as Audi and SEAT SKODA Auto to work with one another in a VR space.

Click the image below to find out more about the exciting ways Volkswagen have been using Virtual Reality.

Recently Bill Gate’s has spoken about how Virtual Reality Can Help Fight Disease.

Click the image below to view the video showing how researchers are using Virtual Reality to examine viruses for weak spots that they could target in making a vaccine or drug.

Feel free to let us know if your business has any ideas on how to explore this exciting new technology.

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