Good Day

SenseVirtual’s tour of the New York Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality scene has been successful in helping establish strong links for future VR & AR collaboration between the United States and South Africa.

We were impressed by the New York Virtual Reality Event last week which focused on VR in the world of the Arts.​

The same week SenseVirtual attended a VR and AR event in New York focusing on how New York companies are using Virtual Reality in Education & Training.

Back home in South Africa, SenseVirtual teamed up with Lynne Mackenzie and Partners to create a spectacular Virtual Reality event for ABSA.

One of the most exciting pieces of news this week was Microsoft’s announcement of the Hololens 2. That coupled with this year’s release of the HTC Cosmos and Oculus Quest Virtual Reality devices will ensure for an exciting year ahead in the VR & AR space.

At SenseVirtual we look forward to continuing to deliver great Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences and solutions for our existing clients and meeting new ones in 2019.

from the SenseVirtual Team