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We are seeing Virtual Reality show great potential in immersive storytelling. When telling a Virtual Reality story through someone’s viewpoint, great insight and compassion can be achieved. In this area of VR compassionate filmmaking, SenseVirtual teamed up with Aviro Health, Echo Ledge and VR Events to create an immersive 360 Film for Doctors Without Borders.

Another area we are constantly seeing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality being explored in South Africa is in the training and education departments within companies.

Below are some of the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality qualities to take advantage of in order to achieve great results in training and education:

– VR and AR can provide exposure to high-stress situations, without real-world risk.
– VR and AR can build confidence through practice. Virtual Reality environments can help intensify and optimize experiential learning.
– VR and AR can drastically accelerate the pace of learning by boosting much higher retention compared to traditional education methods.

Internationally we have seen how these training qualities of Virtual Reality are used amongst Doctors in the UK who can run through Virtual Reality simulations of emergency care for patients suffering from Type 1 diabetes, before applying what they’ve learned on real patients.

At SenseVirtual we look forward to continuing to deliver great Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences and solutions for our existing clients and meeting new ones.

from the SenseVirtual Team