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SenseVirtual is continually exploring powerful ways in which Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality can be used in the area of Training and Education.

Deloitte Insights recently published an excellent paper titled: “Real learning in a virtual world – How Virtual Reality can improve learning and training outcomes”

This is off the recent news that Wallmart purchased 17 000 Virtual Reality headsets to use for their in-house training centers.

Click here to view this excellent paper.

Here are some extracts from the paper that really resonate with us.

“Virtual Reality technology offers immersive learning opportunities for an increasingly broad range of experiences and promises a method of training that can provide effective training in a safe, cost-effective environment.​”

“Virtual Reality has been shown to offer measurable improvement in a wide array of immersive learning outcomes, in tasks that range from flying advanced jets to making a chicken sandwich to handling dangerous chemicals.”

“Virtual Reality technology can enable more effective learning at a lower cost and in less time than many traditional learning methods. This is because VR can allow for more training repetitions, especially when dealing with costly, rare, or dangerous environments. “

Getting started is less daunting than it may seem
With technology improving and prices dropping, the major steps to consider for creating successful VR learning resemble those typically involved in designing any good learning program:
– Understand your training needs.
– Create your business case.
– Pilot the training.
– Quantify the benefit and scale the program.

We look forward to exploring ways Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality can impact your business.

from the SenseVirtual Team