Good Day

At SenseVirtual we enjoy sharing updates on how we have explored Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality with a wide array of industries and companies. We thank all the South African companies that have gone on the journey of exploring VR and AR with us, as we continue to grow even more excited about all the ways we can explore these mediums in the future.

In the activation space, we have created various successful Virtual Reality campaigns and have found VR to be the perfect medium for any branded public activation.

We have explored incredible ways that companies can use Virtual Reality booths to provide excitement and entertainment at events.

Augmented Reality is among one of the most appealing technologies that companies can use to engage with customers, clients, and employees.

One of the most powerful ways to use Virtual Reality is to create an animated interactive VR experience. Using animation in VR allows a company and brand to let their imagination run wild and create any interactive experience possible.

Using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality as a training tool achieves remarkable results by taking advantage of VR and AR’s high levels of retention, immersive, interactivity and engagement.

A 360-degree video is an ideal medium to create real-world scenarios in Virtual Reality.

We look forward to exploring ways Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality can impact your business.

from the SenseVirtual Team