It is exciting to see how top filmmakers are embracing Virtual Reality to create immersive forms of entertainment.

These are some of our favourite filmmakers exploring this new medium.

Ridley Scott (director of Blade Runner, Alien, Gladiator) created a Virtual Reality experience following on from the success of his film, The Martian. “The Martian: VR Experience” is an interactive experience that allows viewers to fly onto the surface of Mars, steer at zero gravity through space, drive a rover navigating over craters and experience key scenes from the hit film.

Ridley Scott will be following this VR experience up with a Virtual Reality experience that will accompany his latest film “Alien: Covenant” which will use the latest Virtual Reality technology to create a dread-inducing journey into the depths of the Alien universe.

John Favreau (director of The Jungle Book, Iron Man, Chef) created an interactive fantasy world Virtual Reality experience called “Gnomes & Goblins” where viewers can Interact with an enigmatic resident and take a first step into the lucid dream of Gnomes & Goblins and its many realms and denizens.

Alejandro G. Iñárritu (director of The Revenant, Birdman) is creating his first Virtual Reality film that will explore the intense and excruciating experience of a group of immigrants and refugees crossing the border between Mexico and the United States.

Next year will see Steve Spielberg release “Ready Player One” which is a film that is based on Ernest Cline’s Virtual Reality themed novel which has been an inspiration to everyone in the Virtual Reality industry.

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