When we at SenseVirtual started exploring Virtual Reality a few years ago we never anticipated that in just 4 years that Virtual Reality & 360° Video technology would have made such a huge impact on so many industries

This past week we were invited to speak at the South African Council of Shopping Centres to explain how Virtual Reality & 360° Video is being used by international retailers to create exciting in-store immersive experiences.

We gave a talk at the Sports Science institute of South Africa about how Virtual Reality & 360° Video is being used to create incredible strides in the field of sports training.

Along with Education, Sports, Training and Games we have seen forward thinking Brands in South Africa adopt this new medium to create mind blowing immersive experiences for their audiences.

We made incredible strives forward in Africa s we partnered with Friends of Designto create Africa’s first CG Virtual Reality Workshop.

We have also seen how every local event that is taking place this year has the need for Virtual Realty experiences to give guests a taste of this exciting new world.

We love seeing how South Africa is adopting Virtual Reality & 360° Video in so many unexpected industries to enhance the customer experience and create incredible solutions.


Tyrone Rubin – tyrone@sensevirtual.com
Founder – CEO