Over the past 2 years international brands continue to create and distribute mind-blowing Virtual Reality and 360° Video creations to attract new business while showcasing innovative thinking and effective service delivery.

We at SenseVirtual create beautiful & truly engaging Virtual Reality & 360° Video content and now in conjunction with AFDA, the leading Film School in Africa deliver training courses and workshops to empower you to create your own magic!

This new-generation media format has revolutionised the ways brands and companies tell their stories. This year you can join other South African organisations and connect with us to embrace this exciting and immersive new medium to create incredible experiences for your customers.

The Cape Town Virtual Reality 360° Video courses we have done with AFDA have been very popular and we’ve received a lot of fantastic feedback so it only makes sense for us to host a one-day course and workshop in Johannesburg.

If your company is interested in learning more about this new technology and how to make it work for you, please reply to this email to schedule a chat and find out how to book your place for the Johannesburg Virtual Reality 360° Video Course and Workshop taking place later this year.

All the best,

Tyrone Rubin – tyrone@sensevirtual.com

Founder and CEO – SenseVirtual