As SenseVirtual creates Virtual Reality solutions and experiences for the local market we continue to get inspired by all the exciting ways that Virtual Reality is being used internationally.

200 000 Travel agencies in China are setting up high-end Virtual Reality booths that will give customers access to over 5,000 360-videos of scenic areas. It is anticipated that Virtual Reality will be the next killer application in the world of tourism.

International fashion and clothing retailers are creating highly engaging in-store Virtual Reality experiences to attract customers.

Christian Dior & Top Shop used Virtual Reality to immerse buyers into the latest runway shows in Paris and Milan.

Tommy Hilfiger will enable visitors to its Regent Street shop in London to experience in-store Virtual Reality experiences that display their latest collections.

“Through virtual reality, we’re now able to bring our one-of-a-kind fashion show to the retail setting,” Tommy Hilfiger said in a company statement.

In South Africa we have been engaging with local retailers who are starting to get excited about creating immersive in-store Virtual Reality experiences that are both engaging as well as serve a functional need for customers.

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