Brand activations are amongst the most exciting areas where Virtual Reality & 360° video experiences are being used.

High-end immersive Virtual Reality brand experiences draw large crowds and create delight and high levels of engagement.

Here are some of our favourite recent Virtual Reality brand activation use cases.

Under Armour, created a novel, Virtual Reality experience allowing people who walked passed its latest store to be fully immersed in a 3-D tour of the actual layout of the store before being constructed. The tour was hosted by Boston Red Sox great, Jackie Bradley Jr., who welcomes the user and speaks to the features of the upcoming Brand House.

Nestlé created a virtual reality experience that immersed travellers into the heritage and story of Cailler by ‘transporting’ them to the mountains and green landscapes surrounding Masion Cailler in Broc, Switzerland. The activation also shows viewers local farmers collecting their milk and chocolate makers at work in the on-site atelier at Maison Cailler.

Samsung launched a Virtual Reality experience called “The Night Before,” which takes users on an entertaining and immersive sleigh ride at the brand’s flagship digital playground in the heart of Manhattan’s Meatpacking District.

Brancott Estate, Pernod Ricard’s Sauvignon Blanc wine, created a Virtual Reality experience which took consumers on a journey through the Marlborough wine region at its evolution and through to the vineyards, while giving them a truly innovative way of tasting wine.

We are excited to continue engaging with South African companies looking to embrace Virtual Reality experiences and solutions through SenseVirtual where we create the experience and EventsVirtual where we setup VR at events, activations and functions.

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