As industries such as marketing, tourism, training, healthcare & property all embrace the strength of Virtual Reality & 360° Video as a business tool, we love to witness how Virtual Reality is also being used for creating awareness for good causes.

At a Charity:Water fundraiser guests were immersed into a story documenting a week in the life of a 13-year-old girl, Selam, and her family who were getting clean water for the first time. Giving the audience the opportunity to view life through another person’s eyes is truly a moving experience.

Pencils of Promise, transported its audience into a small classroom in Ghana to show how education is transforming the rural community of Toklokpo. In the 90-second film, viewers get to see what it’s like to learn while sitting under a mango tree or in a dilapidated building. The viewers then see students use the new building thanks to Pencils of Promise.

Virtual Reality & 360° Video has this immense power to change the way we view the world. It can transport us to any destination imaginable and allow us to view life through someone else’s perspective. As Chris Milk says in his TED Talk below “Virtual reality can create the ultimate empathy machine”

Tyrone Rubin
Founder of SenseVirtual