Virtual Reality In Africa And Abroad

//Virtual Reality In Africa And Abroad

Virtual Reality In Africa And Abroad

At SenseVirtual we continue to explore areas where Virtual Reality experiences will have the most impact in Africa.

In the world of education, SenseVirtual is currently completing a high-end Virtual Reality museum experience which will be released on all VR platforms. We have found that using Virtual Reality to immerse users into historical scenarios and enabling them to interact with historic artefacts makes for an incredible learning experience.

Another area we have seen a great need for VR is in the area of training. We have found Virtual Reality gives companies the ultimate training tool. One key strength of using VR is the high levels of knowledge retention achieved by this medium. This is due to the level of interaction and immersion achieved inside a VR training experience.

We will continue to document the results we achieve in these various industries as we continue exploring the power of this new medium.

In international VR news:

In the run-up to the release of the film Spider-Man: Homecoming in July, Sony has released a VR version of Spider-Man that lets you don the superhero’s costume, swing through the New York City using web shooters, and even battle Spider-Man’s movie rival

Doctors at Stanford Health Care are using virtual reality technology as a sophisticated visual tool during brain surgery and to train future neurosurgeons.

In a recent PwC report is was projected that consumer content for VR will grow from $421 million last year to $5 billion in the next few years.

This is great news for everyone creating VR content for the consumer market.

Feel free to let us know if your business has any ideas on how to explore this exciting new technology.

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