SenseVirtual is passionate about all the ways Virtual Reality technology can make an impact here in Africa.

We continually explore various industries that will become impacted by using Virtual Reality technology.

In VR Education, we have found that Virtual Reality offers an extremely high level of retaining knowledge. We continue to explore the various ways high-end Virtual Reality can be used to make a dramatic impact on the local education sector.

With VR Training, we love to create engaging pieces of content such as the training videos we created for Shell that completely immerse new employees in realistic training environments. VR training offers a highly engaging and much safer option to previous training methods.

Two new areas we have been heavily focusing on are Virtual Reality Retail and Virtual Reality Banking.

In the coming months, we will be releasing our Virtual Reality Retail prototypes. We feel there is so much value Virtual Reality can offer in stores. Creating engaging and entertaining experiences to draw customers in. Virtual Reality also offers the customer a completely new way to experience limitless products in a highly realistic and immersive manner.

In International VR news:

NASA is using Virtual Reality to train International Space Station astronauts. NASA feels that Virtual Reality is the best medium for offering the most realistic training allowing one to respond in critical real-world situations, which ultimately can save your life.

In New Zealand students are using Virtual Reality to experience first hand the intricacies of operating advanced medical equipment. Guided by real-life educators, each student has the opportunity to make and learn from their mistakes in an environment that communicates the consequences, without the damaging side-effects that would otherwise accompany them in real life.

Feel free to let us know if your business has an interesting problem you believe that Virtual Reality can solve as we are always interested in prototyping VR solutions.

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