SenseVirtual is excited to announce that with the success of last week’s Virtual Reality screening of our high-end VR educational experience, we will be officially launching the experience on the Oculus and HTC Vive. This will be the first time someone from Africa has released a high-end Virtual Reality educational experience for the two largest Virtual Reality platforms.

Next week SenseVirtual will be previewing our VR retail solutions to the public. We have been hard at work for the past few months creating Virtual Reality experiences that will enhance the in-store retail experience here in South Africa.

In International VR news.

Intel will be putting dedicated Virtual Reality stations around The Oval and Edgebaston cricket grounds where cricket fans will be able to don a Virtual Reality headset and try out their batting skills against a virtual bowler, with a full screen of stats after each virtual stroke to show the users how they did.

This technology is planned to get a commercial release later in the year, so aspiring cricketers in Australia, India, the UK and the US will be able to improve their form.

French banking giant BNP Paribas created “the POD,” a teleportation “capsule” that allows people to step inside and view new apartments and buildings under construction or for sale in three dimensions and in 360 degrees, and move through the journey of a real estate purchase.

Feel free to let us know if your business has any ideas on how to explore this exciting new technology.

Founder of SenseVirtual