We are excited about the various industries in South Africa that have started embracing Virtual Reality solutions and experiences in this new year.

In the Marketing and Advertising space we are witnessing how brands have starting to embrace 360° Video & Virtual Reality to create immersive experiences for achieving high levels of customer engagement.
We are starting to experiment with In-store Virtual Reality booths to enhance the shopping experience for retailers.

We will also be launching the first VR Real Estate & Property Viewing Application that will give estate agents the ability to immerse clients completely inside their listed properties.

We have opened up EventsVirtual to facilitate demand for Virtual Reality experiences at Events and Functions.

In the Education sector SenseVirtual have just completed our first high-end educational Virtual Reality experience that we will be testing at schools in Cape Town. We look forward to sharing these results with the public.

We look forward to delivering the best Virtual Reality experience for your company.


Tyrone Rubin – tyrone@sensevirtual.com