Every week we are surprised by the incredible ways that Virtual Reality is being used locally as well as across the globe.

In South Africa, SenseVirtual is prepping for Africa’s first Virtual Reality Hackathon. We will keep everyone posted on this exciting endeavour. All companies are welcome to get involved as we will focus the Virtual Reality Hackathon on creating incredible value in the Education & Training industries.

We are also excited to be launching the first Virtual Reality Shopping Mall Experience. All that will be needed is a headset and a customer can interact and experience a limitless amount of Virtual stores and products in deeply immersive manner.

In International Virtual Reality News:

In Virtual Reality marketing, Jaguar Land Rover is pioneering a new way of buying cars across its global network, using Virtual Reality so that customers won’t need to wait for newly launched vehicles to arrive in their local showroom. Even before vehicles are available, retailers will be able to connect customers to a virtual tour where they can see and interact with a life-size model through a VR headset.

Jaguar is not the first to include virtual reality technology in the car-buying experience. BMW, Ford, Audi, Fiat Chrysler, Toyota and General Motors have used virtual reality headsets to help sell cars, and so far, the technology is working out well.

Jaguar Land Rover will roll out the VR Experience across more than 1,500 retailers in 85 markets, localised into 20 languages.

Education is one industry that continues to explore Virtual Reality experiences. In the UK students are immersed in Virtual Reality history lessons. Students commented on how immersive the experiences and how they made them feel like they were at the actual event.
Click below to play the video:

Feel free to let us know if your business has an interesting problem you believe that Virtual Reality can solve as we are always interested in prototyping VR solutions.


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