At SenseVirtual we continue to explore the many Industries that Virtual Reality can add value to.

In the Events, Expo and Activation space we love to create immersive Virtual Reality Marketing experiences.

We are also hard at work creating Virtual Reality solutions in the Property, Retail, Education and Training industries.

Internationally many universities are creating Virtual Reality labs to foster innovation in this growing medium of VR.

Stanford’s lab has done some of the most important work in Virtual Reality research. Stanford’s lab includes many departments, such as medicine and education, and focuses on how people react while in a virtual reality experience and whether they carry that experience with them once they return to reality.

This week, UC Berkeley received a large corporate donation that will allow the university to build its first Virtual Reality research lab and classroom to help inspire students to join the ranks of the thriving VR industry.

There are numerous academic institutions around the world studying virtual and augmented reality. For example, Columbia’s Computer Lab is known for designing techniques to improve tasks such as surgery, maintenance, assembly and indoor and outdoor navigation

In South Africa, SenseVirtual has taught numerous students 360-degree and Virtual Reality skills.

We will continue pushing Virtual Reality innovation and education forward in Africa through these workshops and our internal R&D.

Let us know if your business has an interesting problem you believe that Virtual Reality can solve as we always interested in prototyping VR solutions.

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