At SenseVirtual we love the process of engaging with companies that are exploring exciting ways to make use of Virtual Reality.

These are a few of the exciting Virtual Reality areas we have been busy exploring.

1) High-End Virtual Reality Training Solutions:

We have been finding the need for companies in the mining and engineering industries to create Virtual Reality training solutions. Virtual Reality offers a completely safe way for employees to be trained on equipment that in the real world is potentially dangerous.

Virtual Reality affords a cost-effective solution for training employees on an experience we created where the user can call up an infinite amount of high-end machinery in one sitting.

As we explore Virtual Reality Training Solutions we are seeing that immersion, interactivity and retention are all extremely helpful to train and educate participants.

2) Virtual Reality Marketing Activations:

On a daily basis, we engage with an Agency or Brand to explore an innovative way to use Virtual Reality to create a “mind-blowing” experience.

We continue to be at the forefront of this technology in Africa by continually pushing the boundaries of what this new technology can offer in the marketing and advertising world.

3) Virtual Reality as an Entertainment Tool

Through our Virtual Reality hiring company, EventsVirtual, we have been getting more and more requests to setup Virtual Reality stations for a younger audience.

We are finding that this younger audience can’t get enough of the incredible experiences on offer in the world of Virtual Reality Gaming.

4) Virtual Reality Technology as a Problem Solve Device

Below are two inspiring international solutions we saw implemented this week that use Virtual Reality as a tool to solve problems within an organisation.

L’Oréal created a Virtual Reality L’Oréal Beauty Lab where the company’s 42 cosmetics, hair-care and skin-care brands are using virtual reality room in order to drive efficiency and productivity when making decisions around product merchandising, packaging and overall branding. These processes which usually take many months, from brainstorm to launch can now be turned around in a matter of weeks in the VR Beauty Lab. Thanks to the visuals of the virtual reality and 3D renderings, brands can save money and time on creating prototypes and recreating in-store demos.

At Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital cardiologists are using immersive virtual reality technology to explain complex congenital heart defects, which are some of the most difficult medical conditions to teach and understand.

Students have reported that VR is the most engaging way to learn about anatomy, far surpassing textbooks, models, online videos and cadavers.

For medical trainees, it provides an immersive and engaging new way to learn about the two dozen most common and complex congenital heart anomalies by allowing them to inspect and manipulate the affected heart, walk around inside it to see how the blood is flowing, and watch how a particular defect interferes with the heart’s normal function.

“Virtual reality eliminates a lot of that complexity by letting people go inside the heart and see what’s happening themselves — it’s worth way more than a thousand words.” said David M. Axelrod, MD, clinical assistant professor of paediatric cardiology at Stanford University School of Medicine.

Feel free to let us know if your business has any ideas on how to explore this exciting new technology.

Founder of SenseVirtual