At SenseVirtual we have worked with some of South Africa’s largest companies to create immersive Virtual Reality Marketing Experiences.

Other than using Virtual Reality to create powerful and engaging Marketing experiences we are seeing many other industries use Virtual Reality to solve interesting problems and create immersive solutions.

We love how in a recent study in the States it revealed that 91 percent of people have positive feelings towards Virtual Reality experiences and 71 percent of people feel that a brand that uses Virtual Reality in a campaign is “forward-thinking and modern.”

We are excited to announce some other industries that we have been exploring with this exciting new medium of Virtual Reality.

Education & Training
Virtual Reality offers the most immersive training experiences and delivers extremely high levels of retention.
We have been testing a high-end Virtual Reality experience that teaches children the basics of business, maths and economics.
We have also been creating high-end Virtual Reality training programs for companies where Virtual Reality offers a much safer way to train people on various types of machinery and equipment.

We are currently completing Africa’s first In-Store Virtual Reality Retail Experience that gives stores the opportunity to offer highly immersive experiences.
These deeply engaging Virtual Reality booths will draw customers into stores to experience first of its kind technology. Customers will be able to explore an infinite amount of products and product info, they will be able to learn about the brand and products in an entertaining & engaging manner and will be able to interact with products in magnificent dream like environments.

Real Estate
While exploring Virtual Reality over the past few years I kept passing Real Estate agencies and seeing the hundreds of properties adorning their walls. We believed there was a much better way to immerse clients inside these actual properties in an affordable manner.

We are proud to soon release to the public South Africa’s first Property Viewing App for Real Estate Agents. Using a mobile phone and Mobile VR Headset agents can immerse clients right inside properties so they can make selections in the most immersive manner possible.

Feel free to drop us a mail if your company would like to explore this exciting and immersive new medium of Virtual Reality.

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