In the past 4 years, Virtual Reality technology has been moving along at a steady pace here in Africa.

At SenseVirtual, one of the first industries to adopt this new technology in South Africa was the marketing and advertising industry. Focusing on immersive brand activations at public spaces such as CTIC, Sandton Convention center as well as at functions, and events.

We even created a division purely focused on bringing Virtual Reality Stations to events all across South Africa called EventsVirtual.

This year we have been exploring how Virtual Reality can solve problems for businesses. One of the areas we see VR having the most powerful application is in the world of training and education.

On the 5th of September in Johannesburg at LeaderEx, we will be demoing some of our Virtual Reality training solutions.

During the research and testing of these VR training tools, we have found three key factors that make this medium extremely powerful for training and educating users;Immersion, Interactivity, and Retention.

Immersion – Virtual Reality allows for an individual to be completely immersed in any world imaginable. Thereby placing the user that is being trained on a mining site with all the necessary machinery being able to train in the safest possible manner before executing training tasks in the real world. We have immersed kids into magical worlds where they learn maths, economics, geography and the level of enjoyment is extraordinary.

Interactivity – The latest high-end VR headsets have hand controllers that allow one not only to be completely immersed in a Virtual world but also able to interact with everything around them in this world. The key attributes we have found in this area is that learning through doing becomes incredibly powerful.

Retention – According to recent studies, Virtual Reality immersive learning has a retention rate of knowledge that is 90% higher than other traditional training methods.

This high sense of reality makes this technology extremely useful for training in health and safety since it allows one to practice any possible work situation as many times as it takes and safely: work on scaffolding, confined spaces, forklifts, even nuclear power plants.

Feel free to let us know if your business has any ideas on how to explore this exciting new technology.

Founder of SenseVirtual