Virtual Reality Uses In Sports Marketing Activations And Training

//Virtual Reality Uses In Sports Marketing Activations And Training

Virtual Reality Uses In Sports Marketing Activations And Training

We have seen in the past few years how international Sports brands and teams are using Virtual Reality for marketing and training purposes.
Locally, SenseVirtual are excited to be at the forefront of this specific market.

Internationally there have been many successful Virtual Reality sports marketing activations. At the US Open, American Express crafted a VR experience that lets tennis fans play opposite Maria Sharapova. Stella Artois created a Virtual Reality experience at Wimbledon called “Perfect Flight” where viewers flew with an eagle around the beautiful Wimbledon courts. Oculus Studios created a VR experience with LeBron James “Striving for Greatness” which is a cinematic virtual reality experience that transports the viewer in the heart of the NBA superstar’s intensive pre-season training.

It turns out that every international sports brand has found an exciting marketing use for Virtual Reality & 360° Video.

In sports training, Virtual Reality gives coaches and players the ability to immerse themselves into plays on a repetitive bases. This increases a players muscle memory and cognitive ability and gives coaches detailed analysis of plays and positioning.

In South Africa it has been exciting to be at the forefront of Virtual Reality in sports activation marketing campaigns and Virtual Reality training.

For AdidasSenseVirtual created a 360° Virtual Reality film for the Orlando Pirates. We are the first company to align ourselves with a professional local sports team to create immersive Virtual Reality content to aid in Sports training.

This week we created further Virtual Reality training material with the Stellenbosch Rugby Academy.

photo courtesy of Darryl Putter

We are very excited about the impact Virtual Reality will continue to have in the sports training and marketing world.

We are looking forward to continue to engage with local companies wanting to create Virtual Reality experiences and solutions.

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